Got a big idea for a custom made tote bag?

We can make custom made reusable bag designs happen

At Because We Care Australia, we dream big and invite you to do the same. If that means putting your own stamp on an order of compostable bags, then we can help make it happen. Go ahead and visualise your company’s logo on items from our current range of eco-friendly promo bag products, including reusable tote bags and wine bags.

You may have something else in mind entirely, and that’s okay too! Our clever team are able to produce biodegradable or compostable products that are customised to your specifications. If required, we can even help with the artwork design.


Before you start brainstorming your custom made reusable bags creations, there are just a few things you should know:

  • Designs have a maximum of eight colours.
  • Some colours are more eco friendly than others (ask our team for more info!)
  • Those with a heavy metal content are unsuitable for printing, so to be safe, stick with the wide range of Pantone colours.
  • Any text within artwork must be six-point or larger
  • Artwork must be supplied in high-resolution format
  • Our team can assist with creating the artwork if required
  • Minimum order quantities for custom prints apply. The minimum order will vary depending on size and thickness.
  • We recommend maintaining the applicable composability certifications and BWC Australia logo on your designs.
  • Allow eight to 12 weeks to process custom orders (excluding design time)

What items can you customise?

Now that you know the guidelines for your art work, you’ll need to pick which product you want. When it comes to promoting your business, brand, organisation or sports team, you need to invest in personalised compostable tote bags. You can print your logo on our canvas tote bags, green bags, reusable wine bags, produce bags, and more. 

Food and beverage retailers have the option to buy wholesale eco bags, for the fantastic opportunity to upsell your very own custom promotional plastic bags and reusable shopping bags with your custom logo printed on it. The reusable wine bags are especially great for gift giving and serve as a good reminder of where the recipient can go to get more of what you gave them.

When you put your name or logo on an eco friendly promo bag, you will be showing the world that you’re a friend of the earth. Not only is this a fantastic way to be kind to the environment by encouraging people to reuse their bags while they shop, but think of the prime real estate that your logo will be taking up. A customer of your store or a fan of your brand is like a walking billboard just for your business.

Browse our huge range of eco friendly bags for all sorts of purposes.

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