If you don’t already know just how bad plastic is for the environment, then you must be living under a rock…

The war on single use plastic has been fought for many decades but the advancements in technology that enables us to make products that break down in landfill has not always been available until recently. 

Because We Care is a company that is working towards combating waste that goes into landfill by offering a fantastic range of biodegradable bags for many different purposes. Making the switch from plastic to other more eco friendly alternatives takes a bit of planning, research and commitment. 

The true impact of plastic bags on the environment

Sure, single-use plastic bags have been banned in Australia, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to protecting our planet, wildlife, sea life and of course ourselves. Every piece of plastic that goes unrecycled will spend the rest of its lifetime in landfill and when it is produced at the rate it is, that’s a lot of our precious environment that will continue to house this waste. If you’re conscious about the impacts plastic makes on our planet, then stop hesitating and start living plastic free.   

How to reduce plastic waste

We understand that making the switch to eco friendly products takes effort, but be aware that every small action you take makes a difference. Learning how to use less plastic is something that will become second nature to you once it’s just a part of your daily routine. Making the appropriate choices will become a reflex to you – investing in products that cost more but aren’t a disposable option, setting reminders and actually being conscious of what you’re consuming that has plastic packaging or parts are all a must. 

Here are some suggestions on things you can do when embarking on a plastic free existence:

  • Bring a keep cup
  • Take reusable green bags for the grocery shop
  • Use beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap
  • Take your own glass container to the deli
  • Shop at bulk dry good stores
  • Say no to a plastic bag when asked
  • Avoid individually wrapped products
  • Bring your own refillable water bottle
  • Say no to plastic straws
  • Switch to disposable bamboo plates for parties
  • Try electric or metal shavers 
  • Invest in cloth nappies and wipes for babies
  • Use a menstrual cup 
  • Buy a bamboo toothbrush
  • Sign up to a refill company for personal care items
  • Switch paper wrapped toilet paper

The benefits of trying to reduce plastic waste

Sure, choosing to live plastic free will at first seem like an inconvenience, but we suggest starting small. Try a month plastic free, then 6 months, then a year. Soon after you have understood that there are plenty of options out there for you and your plastic free life, you won’t look back. Make sure you also understand that going plastic free doesn’t mean getting rid of all the plastic from your life. By all means, use it until you its life has been exhausted because this journey is more about consciousness than it is about past habits coming into play. There are so many wonderful benefits for you and for the planet when you understand the effects of plastic bags and other single use products including:

  • Making a positive impact on the environment
  • Inspiring others to make a change too
  • Achieve something you can have pride in
  • Setting an example for others
  • Curbing your blind consumerism
  • Mindfulness around what impacts your behaviour has

Now that you know a little more about how to reduce plastic waste in your home and workplace, you can work towards replacing the plastic items you have. Our wonderful range of compostable and reusable bags will make all the difference when you want to reduce plastic waste.