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Waste Bin Liners

Minimising waste is always a great thing to do, but we understand that in this day and age, eliminating it all together can be a huge challenge. One way to assist with lowering your plastic consumption is to use biodegradable bin bags for your landfill waste. This revolutionary product comes in two sizes, 10 litre flat top shape and 30 litre singlet shape. 

Why choose biodegradable bin liners?

Make the switch to compostable bin bags today and feel good about your contribution to eliminating plastic use in your everyday life. Our bin bags are Australian certified for home and commercial compost and have gone through rigorous consumer testing. 

With a recommended shelf life of about 12 months, these biodegradable waste bags are made from a special plant-based formula that won’t cost the earth. Suitable for most organic kitchen waste, you can line your bin for the compost with one of these bags to avoid smells and spills. Once it goes in the compost bin it will break down and become great food for the worms. The ink used to print on the outside of the bin liners is a soy and water-based mixture, which is also 100% suitable for compost.