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Multi-use Bags

There’s no doubt about it, single use bags are a huge no-no. Our environment suffers a multitude of horrible ways when it comes to the production and disposal of plastic bags. Sea life and land creatures suffer, not to mention the heartbreaking amount of plastic that goes into landfill and the ocean, never to biodegrade. We can help you to make a conscious effort to do better for our planet with our selection of biodegradable multi use bags and other eco friendly products.

Why are biodegradable multi use bags better?

Made from plant based materials such as tapioca, corn and water and soy based inks, our reusable multi use bags are the best option when it comes to transporting your groceries and other cumbersome items. Our wide range of products are made to be reused by us and reabsorbed safely by the earth once their life cycle is over. Decomposing in 90 days, these bags all have an Australian certification for commercial composting, giving many high volume businesses the option to go green. 

Ideas for your reusable multi use bags

We see these types of bags most commonly used in grocery stores for our shopping, but that’s not all they are good for. If you keep a few reusable multi use bags in your car or near your front door, you’ll never be left in the lurch when you ultimately end up with something to carry or store.

Sandy towels and bathers after the beach, picnic items like a rug or wine, or party decorations for a big celebration – our eco friendly tote bags have all the versatility and durability of their harmful plastic counterparts.