Doggy Bags

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Doggy Bags

We like to think all of our lovely customers consistently clean up after their dog when out in public or at home in the backyard. Being a responsible pet owner and a friend of the earth is a no brainer. Take care of the planet while taking care of your dog’s mess by using our biodegradable poop bags.

How to dispose of dog poop

With our doggy poo bags, you simply turn the bag inside out with your hand, pick up the mess and chuck it in the bin or in your home or commercial compost. There’s no need to worry about it breaking, as the thickness and size of these bags has been designed with all dog breeds in mind. The poo and bag will biodegrade, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re doing the best thing you can for our planet by eliminating plastic.

What are they made from?

Standing up to strict Australian certifications, our dog waste bags are made from third grade corn starch, which means they will break down over time. They are compostable and won’t spend an eternity in landfill or make their way into our oceans. The print on the bags is soy and water based so the entire product is completely free of nasties!

When it is time for walkies with your pooch, don’t forget the doggy poo bags!