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Produce Bags

Do you ever wonder why people put bananas in plastic bags at the grocery store? It seems redundant, considering they have their own yellow protective skin that works just like packaging does. It’s always a good idea to consider what things actually need to be put in a bag to avoid using a heap of unnecessary packaging.

We understand that it is difficult to get through all your grocery shopping without having a vessel to put your green beans or brussel sprouts in. Enter our fully compostable produce bags. They’re printed with a soy and water-based ink that boast a shelf life of approximately 12 months. These wonderful things will give you the confidence that you aren’t choking our planet every time you do a shop for veggies.

Why switch to reusable produce bags?

Remember the days where you’d to come home from a grocery shop and have to dispose of a heap of plastic bags in the bin? Those bags ended up in landfill, and are still in landfill right now because plastic does not break down. 

When you make the switch to our reusable grocery bags or compostable produce bags, you’ll be able to put them into your domestic or commercial compost. They’re certified by Australian standards and made from biodegradable third grade corn starch.

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    Produce Bags

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