Wine Bags

If you’ve ever tried to carry a bottle of wine safely when you have other things in your hands, you’ll know that one wrong move can be disastrous. Gone are the days where the bottles have to be clinking around in the bottom of a shopping bag – enter our reusable wine bags. When you choose our brightly coloured eco-friendly wine bags, your precious bottles of wine will be safe and transported with ease.

Why reusable wine bags are best

Being able to reuse, reappropriate and recycle your wine bag means less waste going back out into our environment. Not only are our eco-friendly wine bags reusable, they are made of a plant-based material, allowing them to biodegrade in the compost. This stops your old shopping bags ending up in landfill and sitting there forever, as lots of harmful plastics do. 

Amazingly, our biodegradable wine bags can even be washed, which is great for those of us that are prone to spilling our red wine. It is our aim to be kind to the planet by providing you with a functional and cost-effective reusable option that won’t cause harm. 

What are biodegradable wine bags made from?

Our eco-friendly wine bags and other bags like doggy bags and bin liners are all made from a special sustainable plant-based material. Not only is the bag itself made to be eco-friendly, even the print used on the outside of the bags is a soy and water-based ink. It takes 90 days for this product to fully decompose in the compost.

With a recommended shelf life of 12 months, there’s plenty of time to get lots of use out of our biodegradable wine bags. Once it has lived its life, it can return to the earth that it came from. We’re proud that our products have an Australian standard certification as industrially compostable, and have been tried and tested to ensure true eco-friendliness

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