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TA1712 10Lt Flat Top Bin Liner Bag 04 1
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12.10Lt bin liner

10Lt Flat Top Bin Liner Bag

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A bit about our bin liners:

  • Made from corn
  • Australian certified for home and commercial compost
    • AS4736
    • AS5810
  • Recommended shelf life of 12 months
  • Suitable for most organic kitchen waste
  • Print is soy and water-based

10 Litre Bin Liners

  • (215+107.5*2) mm X 470mm
  • Thickness 16um
  • Flat top bag
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Fully compostable bin liners

Household rubbish is a fact of life. While accumulating general waste is unavoidable, we can be mindful of our environmental impact and, whenever possible, opt for compostable bin liners. It’s a small change you can make in your own home that will contribute to a larger planet-positive movement.

What makes our bin liners special?

Using globally certified BF90 series resin, our bin liners are made from plant-based material and are fully compostable. Available in two convenient household sizes, our 10 litre and 30-litre bin liner options are strong while in use and will fully decompose in 90 days in an industrial composting facility.

Additional information

Weight 0.145 kg
Dimensions 200 × 185 × 35 mm

1 roll = 30 bags, 3 rolls = 90 bags, 6 rolls = 180 bags